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Express 999 Productions is a licenced distributor of RTM Analog Audio products from Recording The Masters.


Based in France, their brand is the leading manufacturer of professional and semi-professional analog audio tapes, providing superior recording and sound playback qualities.



Express 999 Productions is also a licenced distributor of Stellavox PRO TD-9 new tape recorders products from SEPEA audio.

Based in Slovakia, Europe, SEPEA audio is assembling original Swiss made Stellavox PRO TD9 Reference Professional Reel Tape Recorder according to the original company documents, drawings and documentation. They design and manufacture studio equipment audio upgrades and cards and are one of the biggest vintage reel to reel tape recorder renovation lab today. 


Stellavox TD9 is arguably the best reel tape recorder in the world with optimate quality that is comparable to vintage Swiss clocks mechanisms. 




Since 2021, Express 999 Productions is a licenced distributor of Horch House in the Hong Kong and China region for its analogue music master tape. Horch House is an Austrian based recording label created for the sole purpose of bringing the magic of analogue master tapes to music lovers in a variety of formats


Reel to Reel Tapes

Reel to Reel Tapes

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