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William Ho Ming Wong is a Hong Kong born Australia based filmmaker who is a graduate of AFTRS (Australian Film Television and Radio School) and the University of Sydney. With extensive technical skills in film, television and video production as well as a background in film criticism, William is well versed in both the practical and theoretical side of the industry.


Over the years he has been involved in a diversity of projects including short films, music videos, short documentaries, award shows and web videos just to name a few. As an actor's director who is equally comfortable in the editor's chair, he is extremely versatile when it comes to balancing between on-set duties and post-production work. 


Fuelled by his limitless passion, resourcefulness and perceptive nature, William tackles every little task with the utmost dedication making sure that the needs of the clients and target audiences are given the highest priority. In other words, he is definitely someone you'll want as part of your crew. Whether it is features, shorts, series, TVC, promos or corporate videos - you can't go wrong with William Wong.

ABOUT EXPRESS999R2R Recording Studio

The recent trends in music and recording industrial reveal analogue Vinyl and old tape is returning slowly, so is analogy recording which come along. When you hear the quality of albums like Carmina Burana, Carl Orff by Living Stereo reissued Master Tape version from Horch House, the Austria Analog recording label, regardless of how you feel about the songs themselves, you can’t get away from the stunning impression that the recordings sound amazing. This is largely due to analog recording.


The current resurgence of vinyl and old tape shows that the digital age never did snuff out analog. Analog recording methods, however, are effectively DOA. To find that old dinosaur, you might have to trek to Michael’s personal collection of Reel-to-Reel vintage studio grade recorders in his studio room. We are here to highlight the value of fabulous analogue sound in the digital era.

Express999R2R is a Music Recording Studio Label under Express 999 Production, which is operated by Michael Liu who has over 25 years of enthusiast experience in Stereo Sound system, 16mm film and 3-eyed CRT projector home theatre setup, Michael is trained at EORA TAFE NSW in Sound Production Industrial Studies.

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